About us

Based in Gaborone, VBN Services is Botswana's leading provider of premium end to end ICT solutions for the Enterprise market. VBN provides a one stop shop for all your ICT needs, including business applications, desktop support, enterprise network support, email security, backup services for your email, laptops and servers, customized internet solutions and high-speed connectivity between your branches, suppliers and partners and hosted services at our two professional Data Centers.

Our enterprise solutions are provided over our redundant infrastracture and proactively managed by our highly experienced team, hence minimizing service downtime.

Some of VBN's flagship product and services which can be tailor made to meet your unique enterprise needs are:

  • Managed endpoint security
  • High speed internet
  • Secure data centres
  • IT outsourcing
  • Managed wi-fi
  • Email antispam
  • Online backup and restoration
  • Cloudbased firewall

VBN is a licensed VAN (Value Added Network) operating both data and voice services in Botswana since 2004. VBN is also a member of Synergy Communications, and the preferred partner for linking multination Enterprises that operates in any of the following countries where we have precence; Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania.     


The leading cloud service provider


We provide innovative cloud solutions that enable our customers success


VBN's business strategy is underpinned by our deep uderstanding of the local and regional markets which gives us a competitive edge to deliver the right value proposition to our unique customer needs, through the delivery of end to end ICT solutions.

Our dedication in building collaborative relationships with our customers enables us to lead the innovation drive in delivering fit for purpose solutions that give our customers piece of mind to focus on their core business; while we take care of their end to end communication needs.


Directors: Mokgethi Nyatseng (CEO) ; Grant Shand (Tech Director) ; Geoff Hardwick (Chairman)