• Enteprise dedicated internet access        
  • Residential & SME        
  • ADSL        
  • Managed data network services        
  • Managed wireless hotspots        
  • Remote Satellite Services

Wholesale Connectivity for International Operators

IPLC & Local Loop

VBN offers managed services within Botswana, for International Operators with no presence within the country. VBN manage any service, from the order process, to the installation & setup, to active link reporting, troubleshooting and onsite assistance. All services are covered by SLA.


Public Wi-Fi acces

Public Wi-Fi access provides roaming internet access at public locations such as shopping centres, public transport areas ( the station for example), hospitals amongst others. This service is available across Botswana and is expanding on a monthly basis. The full list of current locations is available here, Public Wifi Access Locations.

The service offers high speed internet connectivity and is charged on a pre-paid consumption basis.

Remote Satellite Connectivity

Businesses can often operate in areas where standard communication infrastructure is not available, such as in geological exploration & the mining sector, amongst others. VBN provides satellite services for internet or managed data services to ensure business communication in such circumstances. Communication can be provided anywhere in the country via satellite.

Managed WAN’s for Enterprise Branch Connectivity

Managed WAN services provide companies with a managed data network, for complete end to end control and flexibility over network performance. This ensures secure & reliable communication between a company’s core services, and its branches. The medium over which the company communicates is flexible & scalable depending on the company’s needs. VBN provides not only the connectivity, but the professional solution specific to any particular company’s requirements. These services come standard with Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring business continuity.

Enterprise Dedicated Connectivity

In todays world, connectivity plays an ever increasing role for any business. The quality of this connectivity has a direct relationship to the organisations communication & transactional capabilities. VBN offer a dedicated (CIR) internet service as a platform for any successful business to operate on. This provides synchronous internet capacity (equal upload & download capacity), high performance internet access, and is scalable to any desired capacity. This service has unlimited usage (no CAP), and comes standard with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring business continuity.

Residential & SME Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet  services play an important role in any business,in any industry, & in the home. It provides a cost effective ,high capacity service that enables the small business to be competitive and innovative. Broadband Internet also provides residential users with high speed internet services for access to research, news, for communication, & online entertainment.